Refurbishment of DI Canister Tanks

MR Cool can provide refurbishment and recharging services for DI Resin Canisters used on Applied Materials Chillers, ATS Chillers, Neslab Chillers, Maruyama Chillers, Lam Research Chillers, SMC Chillers and all others Chillers/Heat Exchangers requiring DI/EG in Semiconductor Industries.

DI Canister Refurbishment and Recharging Services

  1. Proper Disposal of Used and Exhausted Resin.
  2. Pressure flushing/washing of DI Canister with DI Water
  3. Refill with High Temp MB Semiconductor Grade Resins
  4. Leak Check and Test
  5. Complete delivery with new oil seals (In port and Out port)
  6. Pickup and Delivery provided in Singapore